Monday, 15 October 2012

Belly Dance Festival

I cant believe that it is all over but Sunday was the final day for the belly dance festival at Parramatta and the day that my sister Merilyn and I sold our wares! It was a really fun day - so much to see and hear and I loved watching the dancing, so many talented souls out there. They really made it look so enjoyable!
I'm sharing some of my favorite picis from the day. Merilyn sells tribal belly dance outfits and supplies through her business Tribal Line. 
I took prints, cards, notebooks and calenders. My best seller? Belly dancing cats!!!
Thanks for everyone who came and supported the event!


  1. Fantastic Ruth, it looks like you two had lots of fun. How lovely to do something like this with your sister, mixing dance and art. I am sure your cat can dance and has all adornments a belly dancer would wear. How fun!

  2. We did have a great time Suzi!

  3. what fun lots like a great time you had