Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Belly Dance Blitz!

I'm fully immersed in a great project that isnt my usual subject for illustration!  My sister has been a belly dancer for many years and also has a business Tribal Line importing and selling tribal belly dance wear. In a little over a week we are joining together at a big belly dance meet to have a shop together. Merilyn will have her tribal wear and I have put together a number of designs for the day. I has been so fun looking, designing and painting. I have added them to my etsy shop and will be adding them to my madeit shop in the coming day or two.
Enjoy some of my designs...

Ok so this one is my favourite- I'm picturing it as fabric-Yum!


  1. Ruth,

    These are wonderful! is this water! love!

  2. Yes Sofia I used watercolours and ink for these illustrations.