Monday, 17 September 2012

Vintage Cards

School holidays are fast approaching and I feel like every year I am saying that the year is flying by! I am looking forward to some more time with the girls especially with the beautiful sunny days that we have been having.

I am in the process of adding some of my vintage style greeting cards to my etsy store over the next week. It is such a fun process to make these cards and I love that many of them were created using the fabric from vintage sheets before they are digitised for printing.
They are already  in my madeit store - check them out!

Adding watercolor details
Sewing the gorgeous fabric

Taa Daa- finished!

Pom pom flower detail

Handbag detail
Rose detail- one of my favourite cards

The finished card

A cheery Happy Birthday card


  1. like the watercolor you used for it...i wish to use same color for my own Order Business Cards..thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that you hand make all these items so cute do you have an Etsy store

    Come Say HI

  3. Waseem I think that watercolour would look great on business cards- although you have to know I love watercolour on most things♥
    becca- I popped over for a visit.... and yes I have an etsy store.