Monday, 17 September 2012

Vintage Cards

School holidays are fast approaching and I feel like every year I am saying that the year is flying by! I am looking forward to some more time with the girls especially with the beautiful sunny days that we have been having.

I am in the process of adding some of my vintage style greeting cards to my etsy store over the next week. It is such a fun process to make these cards and I love that many of them were created using the fabric from vintage sheets before they are digitised for printing.
They are already  in my madeit store - check them out!

Adding watercolor details
Sewing the gorgeous fabric

Taa Daa- finished!

Pom pom flower detail

Handbag detail
Rose detail- one of my favourite cards

The finished card

A cheery Happy Birthday card

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Spring Arrives -ummmYay?

Well I am always one to spout off about how much I love the Spring and the Autumn as my favourite times of the year. Whats not to love with all the beautiful sunshine but then cosy, cool nights? Well the past couple of days have reminded me why at times Spring can be one of the most difficult times of the year for me, can you guess why, well to put it bluntly- hay fever! I don't sniffle much or have watery eyes but I do get an annoying headache that can last for weeks, go to bed with it, wake up with it , yuk. I have tried hay fever medications but not sure why they don't help so it is back to soldiering on or panadol. Well enough poor me!!! If you have any suggestions send them my way...

This one cracks me up- Stella's first look at herself wearing makeup!

Beautiful Hopey- looking Egyptian?
This week is an exciting one for our family as my two youngest are in the school musical, the posters I designed are hanging all around the school. So tonight at what is Stells standard bed time we are driving back to school to watch the performance. Could make for an interesting morning tomorrow with Miss Tired! Anyhoo I am excited and cant wait to see the performance!!! I've included above some photos of makeup for the dress rehearsal...

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Dreamers Delight

Well I had such a great day on Saturday. The weather was lovely, lots of people came and I enjoyed talking to many about what I do. I am sharing some photos of the day but wanted to add a special thank you to my friend Jenn who came and spent the day with me, chatted to customers and laughed a long with me.

 It was fun to share vintage inspired necklaces, illustrated vintage plates and vintage bobby pins for the first time, along with my prints, cards, notebooks and postcards. A memorable sale for me was the sale of a vintage " Happily Ever After " plate from a mum to her engaged daughter- a lovely present idea! Another special thank you to my big sister Merilyn ( and hubbie) who made the long drive from Camden to show their support- thanks so much guys!!!