Friday, 10 August 2012

Special People

I am writing today about a couple who has a really special place in our hearts. Bob and Susan are a wonderful couple who recently came across to visit us from the USA but our friendship started way back in 2001. Back then Dave and I were on our own but so excited that we had just been allocated with our beautiful Jasmin from Taiwan. Bob and Susan were expats living in Taiwan at the time.They were fostering some of the babies out as their families went through the adoption process. So Bob and Susan came to foster our Jaz and took the most beautiful care of her. They loved her and nurtured her for what became an extended amount of time. When we were finally allowed to pick her up we came to stay with Bob and Susan in their apartment. They are just amazing people!

Since then every 3 years Bob & Susan, now living back in the US come over to visit. We always have such a fun time- a lot of laughter and catching up. Here are some of the photos from their recent visit. Bob & Susan - we miss you already!!!

Bob and Susan - sorry for the pici quality - it was a really dark resturant
Photo of Dave and I

                                                          Our cousins with their niece

Friends Paul and Christine
Some of the kids 
The grown ups turn to pose

Partying was too much for Stell.............


  1. aw how sweet and how wonderful to be able to get together with friends