Monday, 13 August 2012

My first Fabric Arrives!

Well I have to tell you it has been a long hard wait to recieve it, but it is finally here- my first fabric from Spoonflower! It felt like so long I was on the brink of contacting them to see if they thought it had got lost in the mail.

 Note to self: Always order about 7- 8 weeks before you need the fabric.hmmm good tip

I am really pleased with the result. I ordered 4 swatches of different fabrics and now that I have seen it , held it and examined it I feel confident to order more. Now the next step is having time to do some designs. I have a lot of designs planned so I will allocate some time to this over the next month.

So it's from this on paper

To this on fabric...

Onto white background

Onto beige background
My camellia fabric

The swatches arrived all joined together in a line!

 My favourite is the camellia, oh no but I think I've caught the making fabric bug. More to come!

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