Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Furry Babies

I dont know that I have ever really blogged about the furry side of our family - our puppies that is! We have 2 gorgeous cockaliers ( cocker spaniel X cavalier) who are very cuddly members of our family. My husband calls them living teddy bears!!!
The first is named Calamity after Calamity Jane the movie, since I am an old musical buff , and the younger is named Katie Brown after Calamity's best friend in the movie. On reflection we think they should of named them the other way around as our Katie is much more the Calamity around here as an avid power cord chewer ( need I say any more?)

On the weekend we decided it was time for a big shave as the fur situation was out of control. I'm going to leave you with a collection of photos documenting the fun...

Major hair problem here.

Please not the clippers!!!

Calamity gets a bath

Katie attempts to escape the bath

Awwww- looking gorgeous!

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  1. they are so adorable those puppy eyes are killer