Thursday, 12 July 2012

Crazy retro cupcakes

We are so excited about our very special overseas visitors arriving next week ( more about them later :-) We have been busily tidying and cleaning - more than a little overdue! We have also had a weeks break at the beautiful Terrigal but before we left I quickly snuck in another fabric design. This design is based on a weekly contest run by Spoonflower. The theme was cakes made using collage and so I painted the designs, printed them onto cardstock and them pieced them together with scissors and glue to form the collage. Quite time consuming but very fun. Enjoy the picis!

A scribbly start- putting the ideas together- going retro!

Retro patterns painting in the designs, so much fun...

Cutting and placing out the printed artwork

The finished file- Retro cupcakes!!! Hooraay!

Cant wait to see it as fabric ♥


  1. That's lovely, it will make really pretty fabric! So clever :-)

  2. Thanks Becca and Sarah Jane, the hard part is waiting for it to arrive!