Monday, 18 June 2012

Etsy - Meet Anastasia!

Today I'd like to introduce you to the lovely Anastasia from Percival Road Designs
Anastasia's colourful Etsy  shop really caught my eye as beautiful eye candy for the paper lover like myself! I asked Anastasia to tell us a little about herself...

 Tell us a little about yourself and your family
Hello! My name is Anastasia and I’m from Sydney Australia.  I work part time in Finance so on my days off I try to be as creative as I can be working on my Etsy shop ‘Percival Road Designs’.
I also love to illustrate, bake, cook  (and eat! I’m such a foodie) and I enjoy blogging, reading and day-dreaming!
I have two young boys and am married to a supportive guy who puts up with my craft mess ha-ha. 

What do you create? I mainly make paper goods – gift tags, greeting cards in a collage style so most of my cards are one-off designs.  I also offer table setting paper goods for Weddings and parties and  gift wrap sets.
I love crafting with paper and I try to mix both new and old papers to create something a little nostalgic and fun!  I also offer supplies and a paper ephemera Flea Market section in my Etsy shop.
One of my goals is to open a separate Crafty Supplies and Decorations online store.

Tell us a little of your story  After I discovered blogs it opened up a whole online world of crafty creative people and I was totally inspired.  I would link from blog to blog and after discovering Etsy I knew I definitely wanted to be part of it.  I was a little nervous setting up my shop but I didn’t want fear to hold me back so after doing many crafty swaps I jumped right in and opened up my Etsy shop.

What do you love about what you do? Making something by hand gives me so much joy and I know that when people buy handmade they can tell how much passion has gone into that item.  I only make and offer what I love so hope others appreciate this and I think they do – I love love the gorgeous feedback I get from people, it’s still such a thrill!

How did you get your shop name? Percival Road is the street I grew up in – where the little girl in me still lives on…drawing, playing…day dreaming.

Apart from creating things what do you do? I’m busy most days as I also work 3 days a week – I enjoy spending time with my family.  I love to catch up with friends for coffee, I enjoy  thrift shopping and flea markets, a cup of coffee and an early morning walk around a flea market – that’s the best Saturday morning!
most days you’ll find me in the kitchen baking something.

How did you find etsy? Through blogging.  It’s amazing the connections you make.  I spent a lot of time in my early 20s not being creative and once I discovered crafty peeps and blogs I realized how much I missed it!

What has influenced your style? I love vintage images.  I even collect vintage children’s books which are a real treasure.  The illustrations make me happy!
I’m inspired by so many things – it could be the weather, or a flower or how the sun shines off something.  I search for colour combinations in all sorts of things and most of the time I just play with my papers and crafty tools and go from there…

How do you balance your commitments? It’s a real juggling act but we manage.   I try to wake up before my boys to get ME ready then I’m okay to help get them ready, it’s all about being organised, writing lots of lists and trying to stay calm ha-ha.

What are your plans and dreams for the future? I’d love to grow Percival Road Designs but not too big as I still think handmade is where I want to be, it would be great to get more wholesale accounts and I think I’d love to do a Graphic Design Course one day…I also dream to start a sweet Crafty supply shop – that would be fun!


  1. Found you through Julie's feature, love your work and am following you now!

    Thank you for introducing Anastasia to us, very cute things here! Off to visit her shop now.

  2. Hi Trina I hope you find lots of lovely things there!

  3. thank you for the introduction