Monday, 25 June 2012

My First Ever Fabric- On Its Way!!!

Well its the beginning of school holidays here and so it's busy, busy busy... I will have to carve out some time to keep the creative pursuits going. I was going to wait till I received some fabric in the post but just couldn't keep it quiet!!!!

So today I am going to show the first design that I will be turning into fabric and I'm so excited!!! As some of you may remember I am doing the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design with Rachael Taylor. This has been an amazing and fun course and I have been like a sponge soaking it all in... It also has some parts which are a steep learning curve. As Module 1 ( of 3) came to a close I decided to make my first fabric design to upload for printing onto fabric. My process is slow due to the hands nature of how I love to work- drawing and watercolouring before changing these into digital files. I hope you enjoy seeing my process!
This is my first step- getting some motifs together for designing the fabric. I chose a camellia as these gorgeous flowers abound in my garden.

Here she is up close...

My favourite designs are transferred to water colour paper.

Love this step - seeing the drawings come to life with colour!

Close up

Finally the design is transferred to the computer and then manipulated until it looks just how I want it to look. I would love to say this is the quick part but at the moment while I get my head around all the steps - it is a slow, fun, and sometimes frustrating process. This is as far as I can show you as I am designing some other fabric to go with this collection before I order it, although it is really hard to wait! I promise to share the finished fabric as soon as it comes in!!!