Wednesday, 13 June 2012


On Saturday Mona Vale had its first Artisian Markets and I was one of those selected to participate! The venue was fantastic as the plaza is completely enclosed and so rain hail or shine we were able to exhibit uninterrupted. It was held outside the Painters Gallery at 20 Bungan St.
 I tried out a few of my new displays including my white vintage wooden suitcase which has worked out ideal to hold my cards. A cake stand was also used for my smaller items such as bracelets and stickers and this worked out really well to.

Here's my vintage suitcase

My prints and notelet sets

Cards in their new display

Vintage sheet tablecloth - love it!
 The turn out was great- I thought that it was excellent considering it was held for the first time. Plans are to make it a more frequent event. My regret is that I didnt go around and get photos of some of the other sellers who were lovely and had some amazing things.


  1. Your shop looks very inviting. The pictures of you and your work are lovely!!

  2. Thanks Luella - It's nice when I see everything together.

  3. what pretty items on display