Friday, 4 May 2012

To the moon and back on Day 5!

Well it's Day 5 of my 20 Artworks 20Days and I'm really enjoying the fun! I have had a lot of people over to my blog and also to my etsy store! It's keeping me really busy.
Yesterday was not quite the day I'd planned- poor Miss number 3 was poorly- run down, mouth ulcers, all upset basically a mess so I had her home for the day. It meant I wasn't able to go to work but ended up being a really lovely day anyway. We spent the day relaxing and doing art together- we painted 5 chicks in anticipation of the chicks coming to school next week , and Stell got to watch a dvd while I caught up on some work. On our way down the hill from our traditional Friday treat visit to the local shop she said to me, " Today was a good day" - now that's high praise from that little sweetheart!

Here is my Day 5 artwork." to the moon and back" Mamas and their daughters...

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