Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mothers Day♥ ....Day 13

I have had such a lovely day on this Mothers Day. After a bit of a sleep in ( oops) it started with a morning panic to get the lunch into the slow cooker. Yes it takes longer than you think! We picked up my mum for the Mothers Day service that they have at church and it was a really special service.  I was thinking while I was sitting there how blessed I am to have my girls there and how many Mothers Days had been difficult for me as I waited to start my family.

We drove home from church and I had that - boy I hope that lunch cooked itself feeling- it had-big sigh...It was yummy too. Chicken with mushrooms and garlic in a tomato base sauce. My sister had brought an amazing gf mud cake with truffles. It was superb! Just needing some time now to have a relax and let that yummy lunch settle.

  My mum and sister with her husband have just gone home and I'm reflecting on the time we had together, just lovely to be with my mum and one of my sisters. One of my special friends is right now at the hospital saying goodbye to her mum, so so sad, let's appreciate the time we have. I hope that your Mothers Day was really special too.

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Here is today's artwork, the second in my Fox 'n Bunny series "Time for Tea ".

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