Sunday, 20 May 2012

DAY 20!!! Last Day!!!

Wow ! Did I think I'd get here? Today is the final day for 20 Days 20 Artworks project and it has been a blast! It has been fun and exciting and tiring too! It has been fun to reveal the things I have been working on over the last few months and also a bit of a steep learning curve in other things. I loved having my first giveaway and have enjoyed the discipline of having to blog even when my days were overflowing...

I have had a big think about what I would save for my last day and have been excited to let you that that for my final artwork I am announcing the release of custom motherhood artworks. This will mean that I will individually paint a picture of you with your family,  and then send you an archival copy for your home. I am hoping this will bring joy to you and your family and it sure would be a privilege for me!
The custom artworks would be your beautiful family done in my whimsical style.

Here are some illustrations I have done previously of mother and child for those who havent kept up with all of my releases.

 To celebrate my last day I am going to be having a sale in my Etsy shop for the next 7days - 15% off! To get this discount use the code 20daysends during checkout.

Thank you for all those who have followed, tweeted, favorited and pinned!

Where to from here???


I have a lot of things in the drawing board... most of which I will reveal in the near future, but in the short term I have a couple of commissions to keep me busy!

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