Wednesday, 2 May 2012

20 Artworks 20 Days- Roses on Day 3

 Roses on Day 3

Well not quite roses.......... it is actually" Little Rose". She and her mamma have just shared  a shared a kiss and she is the apple of her mums eye. I feel feel like this a lot about my 3 girls but I do have to say that tonight ( writing this before I flake into bed), my littlest rose was a little bit of a thorn! Hehe -she  resisted bedtime in spite of exhaustion and thanks to the patient story reading skills of my oldest Jaz finally drifted off. It's been a big day... got some great new ideas for some illustrations but time pressures might delay them a couple of weeks!

 Anyway back to it today- here is " Little Rose"

and here are some beautiful roses from my garden.... See you tomorrow

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