Monday, 28 May 2012

Picking My Favourites!

I am really excited to be chosen to pick my favorite handmade items on Madeit this week! I'd love you to drop in and have a look here. I love being part of the handmade community and I love seeing how creative other artisans are.

Today I am also being featured on Plushka's Craft blog! Below is the introduction to the interview but please pop over to Plushka's Craft blog to read interview itself!

"One day, during my weekly Madeit wonderings,  I saw a pink typewriter print (see picture below) and was captivated by little details,  colours of this retro style illustration and the sweet quote "Your story starts at home". There are so many delightful illustrations in the shop and this sewing machine print is a must have, in my opinion, for any craft room! I was so happy to find the blog link too and I contacted the shop owner immediately. I wanted to know the story behind this lovely brand!..."
Thanks so much Katia for your kinds words!!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Thankyou 'Likers!"

Thanks so much to everyone who has liked my facebook page - I just passed 100 Likes and really appreciate the support I have been getting. If you haven't seen it check it out here

Well things havent quite calmed down as expected this week. I am working on 2 commissions as well as preparing for the Biggest Morning Tea markets in a couple of weeks.
Photos to follow of all the fun!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

DAY 20!!! Last Day!!!

Wow ! Did I think I'd get here? Today is the final day for 20 Days 20 Artworks project and it has been a blast! It has been fun and exciting and tiring too! It has been fun to reveal the things I have been working on over the last few months and also a bit of a steep learning curve in other things. I loved having my first giveaway and have enjoyed the discipline of having to blog even when my days were overflowing...

I have had a big think about what I would save for my last day and have been excited to let you that that for my final artwork I am announcing the release of custom motherhood artworks. This will mean that I will individually paint a picture of you with your family,  and then send you an archival copy for your home. I am hoping this will bring joy to you and your family and it sure would be a privilege for me!
The custom artworks would be your beautiful family done in my whimsical style.

Here are some illustrations I have done previously of mother and child for those who havent kept up with all of my releases.

 To celebrate my last day I am going to be having a sale in my Etsy shop for the next 7days - 15% off! To get this discount use the code 20daysends during checkout.

Thank you for all those who have followed, tweeted, favorited and pinned!

Where to from here???


I have a lot of things in the drawing board... most of which I will reveal in the near future, but in the short term I have a couple of commissions to keep me busy!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Personalised Baby Boy on my 2nd Last Day!

Wow the weekend all ready and my second last day! I am hibernating in my studio as best as I can today in fact most of us are inside due to a big burn off in our area and the smoky air..

I would like to introduce to you my second  personalised print- " Baby Bunting" I just love his little nappy on which I used fabric that I have free motioned sewed onto the paper. He was completed with watercolours and ink.

I can add any name and birth date that you request and I'm hoping the vintage style with appeal to mums and present givers!

Personalized Baby Girl on Day 18

I cant believe that it is SO near the end of my 20 Artworks 20 Days!
I am so excited to share with you today my first personalized baby girl print. This one is called " Baby Angel" and is my version of a vintage style baby card. I really hope that you love it as I had so much fun doing it! You can of course add your own baby name and birth date and it makes a unique gift.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

And the Winner is...........

And the winner is.............
drummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Entry #44Kirsty F.!!!
thankyou so much everyone for your entries!
Kirsty please contact me and I will post out your prize!

Twins, twins, Peas in a pod!

On this glorious Day 17 I am delighted to bring you my twins "Double blessing " illustration! I had so much fun doing this one as it reminded me of when I got my first 2 girls. We flew back in from Taiwan only 6 weeks before Kiki was born! A hugely busy time but such a double blessing! I used to jokingly refer to them as my twins as I was loving them and getting to know them both at the same time as each other.

Dont know if I should tell you this but my husband says he thought the sweet hearts flying off the babies were flies- oh dear! I told him to go put his glasses on. Tell me you don't agree!!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 16 My Sweet Princess

I just had a coffee with my friend from school. We try to catch up a couple of times a term and it is often such a scream! There is the family catch up but also the catch up about how our latest excitement in our creative businesses. We are often surprised how similar our interests and even our creative journeys are, in spite of our different styles and materials.

I have been doing the online course about Surface Pattern Design with Rachael Taylor and loving it! Sometimes my mind is exploding with all the thoughts of new things I'd like to design. I am hoping that over the next few months I will be sharing part of that journey with you!

For today I am going to share my latest artwork, entitled "My Sweet Princess" this is another adoption artwork, this time mother and daughter...

Monday, 14 May 2012

My Baby Boy Adoption art Day 15

Day 15 of 20 Artworks 20 Days - it's flying by!

It's nice to put some more adoption art out there.........
This print is called " My baby Boy" I hope that you really like it!

 And here are 3 lovely things I have seen lately on etsy-enjoy!

From bananaorangeapple on etsy

From cathyswraps on etsy

From blondieblu on etsy

Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Day of Jobs! Day 14 0f 20 Artworks 20 Days

It's a busy day today.......... jobs for a mumma the day after mammas day! Anyhoo this is a quick pop in to present todays artwork " Bedtime Prayers" the 3rd and final watercolour in the series fox'n bunny.

Have you entered for the chance to win my print on Cherished Bliss? It ends tomorrow - enter here

Have a wonderful day!

Happy Mothers Day♥ ....Day 13

I have had such a lovely day on this Mothers Day. After a bit of a sleep in ( oops) it started with a morning panic to get the lunch into the slow cooker. Yes it takes longer than you think! We picked up my mum for the Mothers Day service that they have at church and it was a really special service.  I was thinking while I was sitting there how blessed I am to have my girls there and how many Mothers Days had been difficult for me as I waited to start my family.

We drove home from church and I had that - boy I hope that lunch cooked itself feeling- it had-big sigh...It was yummy too. Chicken with mushrooms and garlic in a tomato base sauce. My sister had brought an amazing gf mud cake with truffles. It was superb! Just needing some time now to have a relax and let that yummy lunch settle.

  My mum and sister with her husband have just gone home and I'm reflecting on the time we had together, just lovely to be with my mum and one of my sisters. One of my special friends is right now at the hospital saying goodbye to her mum, so so sad, let's appreciate the time we have. I hope that your Mothers Day was really special too.

 Don't forget to enter the draw for the " My dream came true" print and tags on Cherished Bliss only a couple of days left.

Here is today's artwork, the second in my Fox 'n Bunny series "Time for Tea ".

Friday, 11 May 2012

Worth the wait! Day 12

It's a little bit of a different style for todays artwork!  I wanted to create an artwork suitable for a girls room ( or those of us that like sweet stuff) so this is the first from my Fox'n Bunny series of 3 called "Worth the Wait".

Even though baby bunny isn't a fox like mamma and dad, they will love her with all their heart. Hmmm kinda reminds me of adoption...

It's in my etsy store!

Day 11 already!

So it didn't quite end up the 26 degrees planned and I did feel a little mummy guilt having said to all 3 daughters "Don't bother with a jumper today" and then the coolness stayed with us a couple of hours longer than expected!
  On Fridays I work in the preschool attached to my daughter's school and it was a great day today with the arrival of the fire brigade ( great celebration in Transition let me tell you) and also the joy that having 8 chicks in your classroom for 2 weeks provides!
This blog then is happening at the end of the day and I am so looking forward to the traditional Friday night dvd. Don't know what this one is but just love the time to relax without the pressure of doing this or that.
 Todays new release is here... It is called 'Heartwarming'

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Day 10 Home.....

I'm so pleased that my giveaway starts on Cherished bliss today. Pop on over and enter here!

I'm also really looking forward to sharing my next artwork - a little typography of a different style to my other works. Here it is... and now I am 1/2 way through 20 Artworks 20days!!!

My first giveaway!!

Hi Everyone
I'm really excited to announce that I am having a giveaway! It is being hosted by the lovely Ashley from Cherished Bliss. I would love you all to enter and here is the prize!
It is the print of " My Dream came true" as well as my set of 6 rosebud tags.
To enter go across to Cherished Bliss and follow the prompts
Have a great day but don't forget to enter!!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 9 of 20 Artworks 20Days- Precious!

I've woken up to this beautiful morning- the sunshine is already streaming in and the crispness of the night air is disappearing. I have a lovely lunch planned with a great friend to celebrate her birthday so all the other busyness that is planned is fading into the background. Love these mornings so thankful to have my family and my home.

Todays artwork is titled precious. It is the bond of mamma and baby. This special pair is based on a mamma and baby from my adoption group, so sweet to watch!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Day 8 of 20 Artworks 20 Days- Pregnancy Art

Wow Day 8 already!
In todays artwork I have tried to capture the excitement of waiting for baby! Mum-to-bes belly is covered in flowers, a sign of the growing life within....
It's been a delight to share todays artwork with you!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Day7 as well as Motherhood Monday begins!!!

Today I am really excited to beginning "Motherhood Mondays", a fortnightly interview where  mums will get to share a little of their stories of motherhood to us. I am delighted that my beautiful friend Jenn Dykstra has agreed to share part of her journey of motherhood with us.

Tell us a little about yourself and your family
I am in my mid forties, married with a 9yr old daughter, Tessa and 3 grown up step children, Tracey, Kevin and Kate. My husband Mitch works 2 part time jobs after leaving the corporate world and I work full time, teaching . Two of my step children have been recently married which was so lovely to see.

Do you have a story about your journey into motherhood?
I was imagining I would never get married as I had hit 30 and no prospects in sight. I met Mitch but he had already been married so I pushed him into the “not my ideal” box. However the more I knew him, the more I realised I loved him. The day after we decided that we would get married, Mitch’s 12 year old daughter moved down to live with him, as things were difficult for her where she was. Before I even said “I do” I was an instant step mum as she needed motherly love and a tender heart. A couple of years later, his son moved down also and our family expanded. In the meantime, I fell pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, I lost one of my babies and had a very difficult pregnancy. My remaining daughter was born at 27 weeks and spent a long time in hospital helping her to ‘grow’ to full term. At the same time I had a child at home doing the HSC and one in Year 10. Life was interesting!!! Did I mention the “no roof on my house renovation???”

What is the best thing about motherhood?
·         Loving and being loved
·         Knowing that some person is going to impact their world because of what you have poured into them
·         Walking hand in hand, knowing you are fully trusted and relied upon
What is the most challenging thing about motherhood?
I struggled initially with motherhood, and having a child born in traumatic circumstances, but motherhood shows you the best and the worst about yourself. It shows you the extent to which you are willing to lay down your life and heart for someone else whilst at the same time, desperately desiring to be selfish and have time on your own. Whilst we often would ‘never change a thing’ we long for things to be different. It is the most amazing joyful, yet at times heartbreaking experience.

Do you have any advice for new mums about starting the motherhood journey?
I think each person’s walk is so different it is hard to give advice. We parent our children either as a result of how we were parented or as a reaction against how we were parented. Probably the best advice I ever had given to me was.. God chose me to raise this child and out of all the women in the world, she is mine. Therefore, I am the one who will do the best job. I have the resources/personality/whatever needed to raise this person. On days when I doubt, feel overwhelmed or am lost to know the best way forward, I just need to trust my instinct as I am her mother. It doesn’t matter what everyone else says I should do, or what some book says, she is my responsibiilty and I need to do what is right for us as a family. This was quite freeing as everyone becomes an expert, especially in times of trouble. If you listen to too many other voices, you will get nowhere. Believe that you can do it… and ENJOY!!!
What do you appreciate more about your mum now you are a mother?
When my teenage daughter was causing normal teenage angst I remember ringing my mum to firstly apologise for anything I had put her through and secondly to ask her if there were days when she didn’t like me very much. She told me that there were lots of days when she didn’t like me (or my actions) but she always loved me and forgave me. This had a huge impact on me. It was okay to be disappointed by my teenager’s choices or actions, it didn’t change how much I loved her.
I appreciate the tough choices she made as I see the benefits and outcomes of her wisdom. Ask me this as a teenager or young adult and I would have told you quite a different story. I always thought mum was so strict, no fun or a kill joy but now I see the wisdom, love and protection she provided me.

How would your children sum you up in 3 words?
I asked my 9 year old and she said I was beautiful, loving and kind and a very special mummy.  Hopefully my grown up kids would describe me as loving, available and encouraging.

Can you recall a funny story about being a mum?
I think lots of funny things happen in motherhood but they are often hilarious to us but not to other people. One thing that always makes us laugh is that if, by chance, one of us ‘passes wind’ accidentally, we always blame daddy or the cat. Sometimes we are so convincing my husband truly believes that the cat can make such loud or smelly noises….see….hysterical to us, not funny to others!
What are your favourite activities with your children?
Tess and I love to go shopping together.We balance my boring shops with equal time in SMIGGLE. We like bike riding around the lake. I love cooking together and teaching her how to make pancakes or tacos. We love to watch some TV shows together. I like her H20 and she likes my Gilmore Girls.

How do you celebrate birthdays?
We tie balloons all around the dining room and on the person’s chair. We have the presents on the table to open over breakfast. We usually have special dinner together, sometimes with the grandparents. We let the birthday person make lots of the choices that day.
Any parting wisdom for other mums?
Everyone says enjoy every moment because it goes so fast and boy…it sure does. I still wonder how it is I have a 9 year old and grown up married children. I think we have to learn to enjoy even the boring, mundane moments like grocery shopping or cleaning the house together.
Also, to remember that we are all going to make mistakes and we need to forgive, forget and move on. Disobedience in your children is an opportunity to teach them about the right way to live and to encourage them to make a wiser choice next time.
As a christian I see my role is to raise my child to be independent of me and dependant on God. I need to model to her my daily devotion and dependence on Christ as my Saviour and Lord. 
  Thanks so much Jenn for these heartfelt answers! 

It is Day 7 of 20 Artworks 20 Days. It is time to share my 7th Artwork with you. This artwork is called, " You grew in my heart" is to celebrate adoption! A subject dear to my heart...

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Day 6 China Doll

 Yesterday was one of those magic autumn days, beautiful weather so we took the girls and the dogs down to the local lake for a walk . It was just ideal ( except maybe for our dogs barking at the ducks!) It sure made me appreciate where I live.
So another day has dawned and the sunshine is back again. I'm just loving it- I am such an autumn and spring girl! This is just a short post as we race off to church.

Day6 artwork is called " China Doll" Our beautiful  first daughter is from Taiwan and at times we have called her our China doll!

Friday, 4 May 2012

To the moon and back on Day 5!

Well it's Day 5 of my 20 Artworks 20Days and I'm really enjoying the fun! I have had a lot of people over to my blog and also to my etsy store! It's keeping me really busy.
Yesterday was not quite the day I'd planned- poor Miss number 3 was poorly- run down, mouth ulcers, all upset basically a mess so I had her home for the day. It meant I wasn't able to go to work but ended up being a really lovely day anyway. We spent the day relaxing and doing art together- we painted 5 chicks in anticipation of the chicks coming to school next week , and Stell got to watch a dvd while I caught up on some work. On our way down the hill from our traditional Friday treat visit to the local shop she said to me, " Today was a good day" - now that's high praise from that little sweetheart!

Here is my Day 5 artwork." to the moon and back" Mamas and their daughters...

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Day 4 with a Guest Interview from Boofi Cooshi

I'm starting today with an interview from a great friend of mine who I have known since we sat together in Year 5 at school- whoa! She is the creator behind Boofi Cooshi, a talented lady making high quality cushions in beautiful prints and colours.

Tell us a little about yourself and your family.
I am a 45 year old mum of 2 girls – 17 & 16, and 1 boy who just turned 12.  We live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and seem to spend a lot of time on or near water.  My husband loves to surf and the whole family loves waterskiing and boating.
What do you create?
I make outdoor cushions that are not only bold and beautiful but also practical.  I source my fabrics from the US but make them with love here in Oz.  They are all fade resistant, mould resistant, and water repellent.  They are all 60 x 70cm which make them ideal for outdoor seat backs.
Tell us a little of your story.
Before having my children I did a lot of secretarial work.  I always felt I had a creative side to me so decided to learn graphic design and desktop publishing which I then worked with creating pharmaceutical trade magazines and health flyers.  I was then a stay-at-home mum for years which I loved but at the same time completing a Diploma in Remedial Massage and ran a part-time massage business.  After recently resigning from my current job in school photography I have decided to concentrate more on my family whilst helping my husband in his businesss and keeping my creative flair alive by making my cushions.
What do you love about what you do?
I have a passion for colour and pretty designs.  Fabrics excite me.  It’s amazing how different colours make you feel.  Making cushions allows me to create with colour and share it with others.
How did you get your shop name Boofi Cooshi?
Can’t remember.  It came to me quite quickly – maybe over a glass of wine.  I love how it is a fun name as I don’t take life too seriously.
Apart from creating things what do you do?
Since I have left my job my brain is going crazy.  There are so many things I want to do.  Apart from living the simple life of family, coffees and drinks with friends, boating, and walking, I am now starting to  plan to do things I have been thinking about for a while.  First stop is a Photoshop course… next maybe a cooking course…. next….who knows!
What has influenced your style?
Definitely my beaches life style has influenced the fabrics I tend to choose.  My dream is to have a gorgeously quaint beach cottage….. ahhhh….but for the time being my cushions may be the first to live in one of these!
How do you balance your commitments?
Great question – I just sat down today  and wrote down everything that is important to me at the moment – then proceeded to write a day-to-day loose timetable on how I will fit it all into my week.  I think the trick is to get outside help for some of the menial tasks to free you up for what is really important to you.
What are your plans and dreams for the future?
My dreams are foremost to have a happy and healthy family and celebrate the family’s smallest achievements in big ways.  I tend not to have big plans, just small stepping stone achievements that guide me year-to-year.

Thanks Sue! You can check out her cushions here.

Now onto the new artwork I am releasing today- a family print but not mother and child, this one is called "Sisters". So that is Day 4 for 20 artworks 20 Days!!!