Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Love to vintage

I have a vintage store just 5 minutes away from that is my favourite store! There is almost always a treasure to be found there and when I look around my home I can see evidence of those fun treasure hunting adventures. I try to visit every few weeks and this week I found two beautiful items that I'd like to share with you...

 I love this gorgeous lamp in all her vintage 1950's beauty. I love how she is reading and relaxed. I find myself these days spending a lot of time reading on the computer which just doesn't have the same relaxing feel to it...... and if I'm on the lounge to relax I'm more likely to be saying " Pass my ipad honey!"

Here is the second beautiful treasure - a buffet painted white ( of course) with a lovely carved inset. I'm imagining it in my dining room when our renovations are complete.... and it's on sale! For the moment I am picturing hubbie saying 'but where will we put it? " hmmm maybe a valid question, but it is exactly what I 'd like!
dream ..............dream..................dream..................

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