Monday, 13 February 2012

What I love about Valentines Day♥

A day of roses, chocolates and sweet surprises is great, but in our family Valentines Day has a slightly different meaning!

We are a patchwork family. My husband and I had a long journey into parenthood, 8 years. It was a journey of tears and persistence. It was a journey of reliance on God when dreams were broken and ultimately a journey of joy and blessing. Our first daughter Jasmin was brought home from Taiwan ( did you guess the date) well today it is 11years ago on February 14th.So every Valentines Day is a blessing to us. It is a reminder of the change from when our family was just he and I to us.

I just got a call from Dave. He is on the way home with a flower for each of his daughters. A time to reflect on how thankful we are.

                                             Happy Valentines Day everyone!


  1. Sweeet! A lovely reason to celebrate <3

  2. What a beautiful Valentines message, it made me cry. You have been truly blessed with your gorgeous girls. You & Dave have made a beautiful family filled with much love! xx

  3. Thanks Jane and Rebecca for your kindness. I hope your Valentine Days were lovely too♥