Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Taiwan Weekend 2012

Now I'm all through the unpacking and (almost) though the washing of clothes I am reflecting on our weekend past...

We just had a really great weekend away for all those who have adopted through the Taiwan program in NSW Australia.  This is an annual event that we have been attending now for about 10 years - and let me tell you - it has really grown!!! I have been reminiscing about how we were just a few families and have now overtaken the Norah Head Holiday Park to the point were we have to have a few others stay in a near by holiday park and join us for the daytime get togethers.

For our kids its a time for swimming and jumping on the giant pillow. The girls also took their new bikes and were just a really sweet "gang" of little women cruising around the park together. But probably more than that it is a time for connection - where they get to see others with a similar story to them and they get to be just one of the crowd. The friendships they are developing will last a lifetime.

For us adults its a time to catch up on the years news, see how the kids have grown and to celebrate with the new mums and dads.I love the meeting together over meals as we share parts of our lives and spur each other on in our parenting journeys.

 I was so excited to get some photos to use in my watercolours- just beautiful images of motherhood, family and parenting.

For Dave and  I personally apart from the fun of catching up with friends we also got to catch up with our cousins Andy and Paula and their daughter Lucy who is so special to us.
Sat. night popcorn...
and a movie!

We returned home Sunday afternoon.... all 3 girls slept in the car...... a sign of a great weekend?

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