Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Whats in a walk

A few days ago it was time , well past time for my car to have a service. We are fortunate to have service centry near our home and so when I dropped it down it seemed like a great idea to walk home- about a 30 minute trip. I'm not a super keen walker but it was a gorgeous day so with my trusty coffee in my hand I set off for home. I knew it was an all uphill trip and thought it would be interesting to visually capture some of the sights around my neighbourhood to show you all- a typical Australian suburb, well at least in my Sydney suburb!!!
Coffee- a great way to start!

Past the bike shop

My favourite store - just love it and have a house full of its goodies!


Pink car- not so practical for our family of 5

Love this house- it is always so neat and tidy obviously well loved.

Home Sweet Home..... the roses are here to greet me♥

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