Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Deck the Halls

There is no doubt in my mind that time gets faster as December approaches. It happens every year but am I wrong in saying this year is the fastest ever. Ever! I have many grand plans and designs for some fun Christmas art - just hoping I get the time to complete it all.
Onto my first project.......
I designed and painted my first set of Christmas cards! It as such an enjoyable experience and I had heaps of fun doing it! This set centres around the song " Deck the Halls" and is a set of 3 containing "Deck the Halls", " Tis the Season" and ( my favourite) "Fa la la la la". I used baubles that had been decorated using the patterns from mid 20th Century art works to  painted the designs. Some of the baubles have had fabric flowers from vintage sheets which I free motioned sewed on to the paper.There now that is the update- here is the art...enjoy...

 Now finishing with my favorite- what's yours?

Till next time


  1. These are sooo joyful Ruth-Mary, I LOVE them! They're really beautiful, I can't decide between the last two as a favourite. These will be a hit for sure in your shop! Liza xxx

  2. Thanks Liza and Lynda for your kindness- I hope others like them too♥

  3. Really pretty and sweet. Good luck with them in your ETSY shop.

  4. I can't choose! They are all darling.

  5. Don't know how I missed these. I love them! Great fun holiday designs.