Thursday, 24 November 2011

Ballet Week!

hanging tutu- kikis first real tutu!

I have a secret confession - well not so secret now! All year I am secretly smiling to myself that my children aren't involved in Saturday sport!!- no early out of bed on cold winters mornings, no waiting on the sidelines for hours on hot sticky days. It does give us the freedom to choose to do the activities we want to do or to go away with ease. HOWEVER one week each year is so super busy with ballet rehearsals that life is completely ballet! I am writing this in this week. We have done the extra practices juggling the 3 girls as they have to go at 3 different times and we have done the dress rehearsal which is normally only half an hour away but in the rain and peak hour traffic took an hour last night. I have paid for the 8 costumes and lined up to get them in the rain. We are looking towards tomorrow afternoon with more after school practices and then the 2 concerts on Sunday which will take all day.
So why do us parents do the things we do. I LOVE IT! I sit in the audience and get a tear in my eye every year. I am thankful for healthy girls with healthy bodies. I am thankful for being able to afford it at the moment and I really feel blessed!
I will post some concert photos next week but for the moment here is my beautiful butterfly number 3 about to go up on stage for the dress rehearsal.

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