Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Holiday Dinosaur Fun!

What a busy time school holidays are... I love the sleep ins but it does take some energy to keep everyone occupied! We had a visit to the Australian Museum, its the favourite because it has a great dinosaur section. The whole day ended up as a big adventure...
Time to set off , you know dont you that half the fun is getting there!
 The moving footway- it's really loooonnnnnggggg....... remember this one as a child surely it hasn't been there that long- haha

Oh! Scarey!!! It was a little overwhelming for number 3 and by the time we were half way around the dinosaur exhibit she was a mass of tears and we had to leave!

This was my favourite! They had an exhibition by the Scott sisters. These amazing women were some of the first Australians  to record the details of our tiny animals and plants. Their work was so detailed and they even at times used paint brushes with a single hair!!

So after some lunch and bustle around Pitt Street we headed home.
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  1. Looks like great fun, we had our wedding reception at the Australian Museum!

  2. I didn't know they had reception rooms! That would have been amzing!