Sunday, 11 September 2011

Busy Times with Greeting Cards

The last few weeks have been very busy days creatively as I was getting together some art works for a market at my friends Ali's. I have been gathering ideas for greeting cards and slowly these had been rolling around until I was ready to make some creations. I have some photos to share of my process as I get put the ideas into motion... I hope you like them
.First sketch of the ideas- I was hoping to create about 8 cards.

Sketching then painting.... These little love birds are my favourites! I matched the vintage sheets for the colours and the look I was trying to create.

Continuing the waterclours. Love this part as the paintings come to life.
Getting closer to the end I sew on the vintage material. Very fine work, lots of care needed here!
The final step shows the completed card after scanning and printing.I have had so much fun with these!!!

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