Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ali's Market

With all the painting it was easy to forget that I needed things to come together on the computer and printer so that I would be ready for Thursday night... I tend to be a 'work to a deadline' type person so I really was going flat out and into the night. When Wednesday rolled around , my dedicated printing day, I was not ready for the hassles and hold-ups! This wouldn't load, that wouldn't resize, this wouldn't print, that couldn't be done - uh-oh- you get the drill! Some persistence, trial and error, a steep learning curve (and maybe a little hubbie help) resulted in the finished product- 35 greeting cards in cello bags ready to go- hooraay!!!This is where I show you the photo I took of them before I dashed out the door, unfortunately I never took that photo but have reprinted and here are my designs a couple of days later.

At Ali's house I set up my table and the ladies started to trickle in....then pour... I had a wonderful night, many were very generous in their praise of my art and at the end of the night I had sold 34 of my 35 cards! I was elated! I really needed that sleep when I fell in to bed but was so thankful I had pushed through my printer dramas!

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