Friday, 30 September 2011

Online with Etsy!!!!

Its been a big week! Jaz and Kiki week to camp for 5 days and so that left Stella and I to entertain each other for the first week of the holidays. Its been fun, visits to friends, lots of drawing together and a lot of discussion about dinosaurs. I thought I would squeeze out a little time to work in my art biz and here are the results...
Lots and lots of photos taken...
Lots of hours spent at the computer... scanning...and organising. It was really fun and felt good to be progressing.Well what is the final result??? I started listing on Etsy - hooray!

Pop over and see it


Monday, 19 September 2011

Bring on Spring!

The weekend zipped by as they often do. Spring is on its way and we are juggling amazing days of sunshine sprinkled with cold days that remind us that winter has only just gone. This time of year in Sydney is so beautiful - I just love the light- the crisp colours especially at the beginning and end of the day. Our family has been restlessly getting that 'Spring feeling'. You know the feeling when the promise of summer is just around the corner and you are feeling so keen to feel off the jumpers and jackets. With this feeling grabbing hold we decided to head off to the beach and enjoy some sun and sand!

We had a laugh as we got out of the car..... brrrr.... a bit chilly! We ended up buying hot chocolates instead of icecreams.

Never mind the crispness in the air - the two youngest still managed to get wet running in and out of the waves. Jasmin prefers the drawing in the sand. She is the family shell finder although no amazing treasures were found that day.

A good start to our first beach outing for the season, hopefully many more to come.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ali's Market

With all the painting it was easy to forget that I needed things to come together on the computer and printer so that I would be ready for Thursday night... I tend to be a 'work to a deadline' type person so I really was going flat out and into the night. When Wednesday rolled around , my dedicated printing day, I was not ready for the hassles and hold-ups! This wouldn't load, that wouldn't resize, this wouldn't print, that couldn't be done - uh-oh- you get the drill! Some persistence, trial and error, a steep learning curve (and maybe a little hubbie help) resulted in the finished product- 35 greeting cards in cello bags ready to go- hooraay!!!This is where I show you the photo I took of them before I dashed out the door, unfortunately I never took that photo but have reprinted and here are my designs a couple of days later.

At Ali's house I set up my table and the ladies started to trickle in....then pour... I had a wonderful night, many were very generous in their praise of my art and at the end of the night I had sold 34 of my 35 cards! I was elated! I really needed that sleep when I fell in to bed but was so thankful I had pushed through my printer dramas!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Busy Times with Greeting Cards

The last few weeks have been very busy days creatively as I was getting together some art works for a market at my friends Ali's. I have been gathering ideas for greeting cards and slowly these had been rolling around until I was ready to make some creations. I have some photos to share of my process as I get put the ideas into motion... I hope you like them
.First sketch of the ideas- I was hoping to create about 8 cards.

Sketching then painting.... These little love birds are my favourites! I matched the vintage sheets for the colours and the look I was trying to create.

Continuing the waterclours. Love this part as the paintings come to life.
Getting closer to the end I sew on the vintage material. Very fine work, lots of care needed here!
The final step shows the completed card after scanning and printing.I have had so much fun with these!!!