Saturday, 20 August 2011

Why Patchwork Families?

Hmmm a subject very close to my heart- why "Patchwork Families?" Patchwork Families is the name I have chosen for my art biz because of the way my family has been formed. It's a patchwork..

Zoom back in time about 12years. Dave and I had been planning a family for a long time but had been unable to fall pregnant ( eight years of story here I am zipping through).We decided to adopt our baby and looked into adoption. There was a long process to the time we finally were allocated our precious Jasmin from Taiwan! The story gets more blessed and more complicated but a couple of months after we were first allocated I fell pregnant! Double blessing! It wasnt exactly smooth sailing to bring our Jasmin home. The government department here in Australia were concerned we couldnt love the 2 babies ( unthinkable!!!) but after many tears and prayers we finally flew to Taiwan to collect our baby, then just 12 months old. Kiralee was born 6 weeks later. Life changing....

So we were a happy little family but had the idea that God wasnt finished with us yet... a not complete feeling.... a ' there's someone else out there' feeling. We started looking into fostering with a view to adoption. We went to the seminar, had the social worker visit and filled in the application. We were told the wait would be around 18 months however on the day of approval they asked us "Are you ready to proceed?" So precious number three arrives in our life around 3 weeks later.

There we are our patchwork family. Formed for us in a way we didn't expect, we are very blessed. When choosing the name Patchwork families I loved how that it tied together love of family with a suggestion of vintage ( cause I love that too!) I hope you enjoy my art work as I share love of family with love of simpler times with you.


  1. What a beautiful story! You are truly blessed and God knew who he could trust to give so much love to those beautiful children;D Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. Thanks LB Designs, we really do feel blessed

  3. Ruth-Mary, This is a very touching story, and seems to happen a lot. When you quit stressing over conceiving and make other plans, it happens!

    I LOVE how that worked into your business name. I have to say a story like that is far more interesting to me than using one's name, but we're all different.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Loved your story. My husband and I have a Brady Bunch Patchwork family. When we married he had two girls and I had two boys, then we adopted a girl together. Five wonderful children who are now adults except the last one-she's almost 16. God blesses!

  5. Hi Deborah
    Wow what a family! We are love how our family was formed, we definitely see it was put together the way it was meant to be.