Monday, 29 August 2011

Beauty from the Garden

I had a lesson on the weekend about how busy we can be running around from here to there that we miss the simple beauty around us. On Sunday Jasmin called me with the cry " Mum have you seen how amazing the waratahs are in the front yard?" I confess - I had not.... A twinge of guilt there because my husband had mentioned the other day how amazing they were and yet I still hadn't taken the time to look. So I jumped up straight away and went to the front garden. I was really surprised with not just how beautiful they were but also how many beautiful flowers we has right there in our front yard.A quick dash inside for the camera and now I'd like to share them with you here...

Waratahs - my hubbie does us proud!

 The waratahs are made even more beautiful because they are so hard to grow... So whats our little secret?
( ignore them!)
 Love the hyacinths, they pop up each year and with all the rain over the last 12 months are just beautiful this year.
 Finishing with the humble daisy. I love this flower!

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