Wednesday, 31 August 2011

An Interview from The Modern Marigold

Today I have the privilege of interviewing Amanda Fetters from The Modern Marigold. This is a shop I love due to its abundance of vintage sheets! Amanda sells skirts made from beautifully patterned sheets for little girls as well as us grown up ladies. She also has DIY buntings and other lovely items. I got to know Amanda while shopping in her store and love the skirts which I purchased. They are about to get a lot of use as in Australia, today is the first day of spring.

* Tell us a little of your story..
As a teenager, I always felt I was cut out for Adventure. I just never imagined that Adventure would happen in the form of the US Army! My husband joined after college. I love it because we get to experience tons of new places and make so many new friends everywhere we go. Right now we're in upstate New York, where our next door neighbors are dairy farmers who make maple syrup every spring (and we got to see the whole process this year -- cool!).
My beautiful skirts!

*What has influenced your sense of style and love of vintage things?
I adore bold, vintage-inspired color (and a lot of it), but never had the courage to wear much of it until I started reading blogs like A Beautiful Mess. Watching Elsie's style evolve showed me that, when paired with confidence and taste, the style that's in your heart is the style that you should show on the outside, too.

* Apart from creating things what do you do?
Herd cats. (Did I say that out loud?) My girls are 2 and 4 years old, and being their mama is at once the utmost joy and the utmost challenge of my life. We are also active members of our church: as a family, our faith is at the heart of everything we do.

* How did you find Etsy?
You know, I can't remember exactly. But I adore it!

* What inspires you?
God, every day, all the time. Every gift I have comes straight from him.

Thanks so much Amanda! We wish you every success with all you undertake. Thanks too for the time to come and speak with us!!!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Beauty from the Garden

I had a lesson on the weekend about how busy we can be running around from here to there that we miss the simple beauty around us. On Sunday Jasmin called me with the cry " Mum have you seen how amazing the waratahs are in the front yard?" I confess - I had not.... A twinge of guilt there because my husband had mentioned the other day how amazing they were and yet I still hadn't taken the time to look. So I jumped up straight away and went to the front garden. I was really surprised with not just how beautiful they were but also how many beautiful flowers we has right there in our front yard.A quick dash inside for the camera and now I'd like to share them with you here...

Waratahs - my hubbie does us proud!

 The waratahs are made even more beautiful because they are so hard to grow... So whats our little secret?
( ignore them!)
 Love the hyacinths, they pop up each year and with all the rain over the last 12 months are just beautiful this year.
 Finishing with the humble daisy. I love this flower!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Creating With Friends & Daughters

Dont you love time to spend with friends- even better when you are creating!!!  Last weekend my friend Jenn had a card making party with a mother daughter theme. Leonie came along to show us how it is done and had a couple of lovely designs for us to make...

Great excitement over the new 'Big Shot' machine. Turn the handle for lovely textures. With this turn out came a lovely dotty effect...

 Punch out the birdie bits.

Stick them on down

My two oldest angels Jasmin and Kiralee

Lovely results from Jenn and Tessa

Great to catch up with Vanessa and Tara

We were very happy with the results. Thanks Jenn for the invite. Simple to make but very effective.
I love it when you go to a card party and everyone does their little differences, are all we're all creative in the end!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Why Patchwork Families?

Hmmm a subject very close to my heart- why "Patchwork Families?" Patchwork Families is the name I have chosen for my art biz because of the way my family has been formed. It's a patchwork..

Zoom back in time about 12years. Dave and I had been planning a family for a long time but had been unable to fall pregnant ( eight years of story here I am zipping through).We decided to adopt our baby and looked into adoption. There was a long process to the time we finally were allocated our precious Jasmin from Taiwan! The story gets more blessed and more complicated but a couple of months after we were first allocated I fell pregnant! Double blessing! It wasnt exactly smooth sailing to bring our Jasmin home. The government department here in Australia were concerned we couldnt love the 2 babies ( unthinkable!!!) but after many tears and prayers we finally flew to Taiwan to collect our baby, then just 12 months old. Kiralee was born 6 weeks later. Life changing....

So we were a happy little family but had the idea that God wasnt finished with us yet... a not complete feeling.... a ' there's someone else out there' feeling. We started looking into fostering with a view to adoption. We went to the seminar, had the social worker visit and filled in the application. We were told the wait would be around 18 months however on the day of approval they asked us "Are you ready to proceed?" So precious number three arrives in our life around 3 weeks later.

There we are our patchwork family. Formed for us in a way we didn't expect, we are very blessed. When choosing the name Patchwork families I loved how that it tied together love of family with a suggestion of vintage ( cause I love that too!) I hope you enjoy my art work as I share love of family with love of simpler times with you.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Watercolour Box
A great place to start... the mess that is the art style I love -watercolours! Here is a peek at today's creation, soon to be my banner. My name is Ruth-Mary Smith, I live on Sydneys Northern Beaches. I am a wife, a mum to 3, an artist who loves vintage, a lover of God. I am endeavouring to share some of my creativity with you, some of the joy of family and my small ( though my husband may disagree) obsession with vintage finds.
Join me?

Ice Hearts