Monday, 26 December 2011

Goodbye Christmas 2011!

It's boxing day today and hard to believe that Christmas 2011 is already over!
 It was such a lovely day with hubbies side of the families Christmas on Christmas Eve and then my families Christmas on Christmas Day.

Christmas day was an early start- but not too early, we had a 7.30 limit on waking us up for the kids. Unbelievably it worked!!!! Very sweet that at 7.20 I had middle daughter Kiki tip toe into the bedroom and whisper to me " Mum what the clock look like at 7.30?" so it all started the fun, the excitement and the tearing open of presses!!!!!at lunch time the rest of the family came for a big lunch. I like how my sisters and I share the bringing of the food. it was quite a feast as it usually is with lots of nibbles, 3 meats and salads and then amazing smashed pavlova for dessert- thanks Merilyn!

A belated Merry Christmas to you all! I hope that your Christmas was filled with love and the joy of remembering our Saviours birth.
With loveRuth-Mary

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Illustration Love♥

I have been doing Jane Davenports online e-course to help keep me focused on my art during this busy time- and I am loving it! This weeks homework was to create a mood board with a theme- my theme was Summer Holidays! It got me thinking about the great days ahead.... Got any fun plans???
I used watercolours, pitt pens and black ink  for the girls. I am anxiously waiting for some aquamarkers which I am hoping to do some experimenting with. I used magazines for the holiday inspiration!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Ballet Week!

hanging tutu- kikis first real tutu!

I have a secret confession - well not so secret now! All year I am secretly smiling to myself that my children aren't involved in Saturday sport!!- no early out of bed on cold winters mornings, no waiting on the sidelines for hours on hot sticky days. It does give us the freedom to choose to do the activities we want to do or to go away with ease. HOWEVER one week each year is so super busy with ballet rehearsals that life is completely ballet! I am writing this in this week. We have done the extra practices juggling the 3 girls as they have to go at 3 different times and we have done the dress rehearsal which is normally only half an hour away but in the rain and peak hour traffic took an hour last night. I have paid for the 8 costumes and lined up to get them in the rain. We are looking towards tomorrow afternoon with more after school practices and then the 2 concerts on Sunday which will take all day.
So why do us parents do the things we do. I LOVE IT! I sit in the audience and get a tear in my eye every year. I am thankful for healthy girls with healthy bodies. I am thankful for being able to afford it at the moment and I really feel blessed!
I will post some concert photos next week but for the moment here is my beautiful butterfly number 3 about to go up on stage for the dress rehearsal.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New series beginnings

I have been trying to carve out a little art time in this crazy term and wanted to show you a quick preview of art that I have just started working on. This simple beginning will eventually become prints and cards- stay posted!!!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Whats in a walk

A few days ago it was time , well past time for my car to have a service. We are fortunate to have service centry near our home and so when I dropped it down it seemed like a great idea to walk home- about a 30 minute trip. I'm not a super keen walker but it was a gorgeous day so with my trusty coffee in my hand I set off for home. I knew it was an all uphill trip and thought it would be interesting to visually capture some of the sights around my neighbourhood to show you all- a typical Australian suburb, well at least in my Sydney suburb!!!
Coffee- a great way to start!

Past the bike shop

My favourite store - just love it and have a house full of its goodies!


Pink car- not so practical for our family of 5

Love this house- it is always so neat and tidy obviously well loved.

Home Sweet Home..... the roses are here to greet me♥

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Deck the Halls

There is no doubt in my mind that time gets faster as December approaches. It happens every year but am I wrong in saying this year is the fastest ever. Ever! I have many grand plans and designs for some fun Christmas art - just hoping I get the time to complete it all.
Onto my first project.......
I designed and painted my first set of Christmas cards! It as such an enjoyable experience and I had heaps of fun doing it! This set centres around the song " Deck the Halls" and is a set of 3 containing "Deck the Halls", " Tis the Season" and ( my favourite) "Fa la la la la". I used baubles that had been decorated using the patterns from mid 20th Century art works to  painted the designs. Some of the baubles have had fabric flowers from vintage sheets which I free motioned sewed on to the paper.There now that is the update- here is the art...enjoy...

 Now finishing with my favorite- what's yours?

Till next time

Monday, 31 October 2011

Blog Hop

I am really excited today to be part of a blog hop with the Fly Tribe group.This is an amazing group of artists from all over the world who did the Kelly Rae Roberts ecourse with me a few months ago! Our subject today is about flying and as I was getting some ideas together for this theme I was really touched by the encouragement of my family to continue to pursue my creative dreams in illustration. In particular last week my mum who just turned 80 met to have a coffee with me, practically the first words out of her mouth were "How is your art going?" So mum, this ones for you, thank you for all your encouragement - it means the world to me!

For all those girls in the Fly Tribe group thank you for the sense of family we have in the support and encouragement we bring to each other.....

Please jump over and visit the other flyers. Many have etsy stores too for some lovingly handmade goods!

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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Shabby Camping!

My darling hubbie has been trying to convince me of the benefits of camping for many years of our married life and I have to admit I have been trying to avoid the subject for most of those many years. I finally weakened after a trip to the caravan and Camping show after seeing the range of camper trailers and many promises of how fun the adventures will be be. So................
I would like to introduce our new family member ( as yet un-named ) guarranteed to set up in 5 minutes!
Our white camping trailer pack with all the promises of many happy memories!
So this weekend was our first trial run- it was Dave's fathers 70th and so we set off for Stroud with a group of family and other friends to celebrate. We didn't arrive till about 9.30 on Friday night  and had the job of the first set up in the dark.We really did aim for the 5 minute set up but it took us 12 min,. not too bad we thought for our first time but room for improvement.

The weekend was lovely, a great chance to celebrate and all the cousins had so much fun together! Highlights for my girls were the tyre swing, the rope swing over the creek and Stells favourite pick was toasting marshmellows. I enjoyed sitting around chatting with friends we hadn't seen in  years.
 Pack up on Sunday took a bit longer than 12 minutes but it always does doesnt it?May be I was made for camping after all, although we did get the label " Glamping" - oh well if the shoe fits!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Made It!

Here's an exciting post- I am the interviewed new seller on the madeit! website newsletter!! Very exciting and a lovely surprise to see in my inbox. Here is the link here New-seller-patchwork-families- from -madeit!
or just keep reading...

madeit new seller :: patchwork families 

madeit new seller :: patchwork families
How did you find about madeit?
I was introduced to madeit by a friend earlier this year. She suggested I check out the site! I was really pleased to know there was a site that was all Australian! When I visited I immediately decided I would work towards putting my illustrations onto madeit
Explain your style
My style is definitely something that I have put a lot of thought into! I would call it a little bit shabby chic, a little bit retro. I use water colours and ink to create my illustrations, once they are drawn and painted I use vintage fabric, usually bed sheets which I free motion sew to complete the design. My themes are influenced by my love of family mixed with my love of vintage.

What makes you happy?
I have simple tastes. I am made happy by fun times spent with family, walking along the beach and watching my girls jump in the waves in their clothes, and time to create!

What makes you sad?
I can be overwhelmed at times of the busyness that creeps into our lives. I prefer things to go at a slower pace.

What can't you live without?
hmmm so many special things in my life but I would have to say my faith, my family, time with friends and box of watercolours

 I hope that you enjoyed reading my interview! Have a lovely day...

Sunday, 16 October 2011


 Saw this post and loved the vintage radio images, and those colours-amazing!!! I hope you enjoy it too!

OH SO LOVELY VINTAGE: Radiohead.: I'm kind of a sucker for collecting vintage radios. I just can't get enough of the unique designs and candy colors! Not to mention the fact ...

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Christmas fun is coming- a sneak peek!

I have been looking forward to this time for months- a time to start working on my artwork for Christmas!. I love Christmas time and am one of those people who spend time decorating their homes and enjoying that "Christmassy" feeling. For this Christmas I have decided to focus on a couple of different themes in my artwork. The first one is vintage images (you would have never guessed right?) and the second one babuska dolls ( OK so that one is a little more out there!). Here is a sneak peek at some of the things on their way...

Retro baubles

Nativity babuskas prior to painting

Selecting vintage fabrics- love doing this!
Of course as always the creating process takes longer than I am expecting. This means that I havent quite finished these and there are more to go. Just reminding myself to enjoy this time and appreciate that it only happens at one time of the year. What about you. Any Christmas thoughts yet?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Holiday Dinosaur Fun!

What a busy time school holidays are... I love the sleep ins but it does take some energy to keep everyone occupied! We had a visit to the Australian Museum, its the favourite because it has a great dinosaur section. The whole day ended up as a big adventure...
Time to set off , you know dont you that half the fun is getting there!
 The moving footway- it's really loooonnnnnggggg....... remember this one as a child surely it hasn't been there that long- haha

Oh! Scarey!!! It was a little overwhelming for number 3 and by the time we were half way around the dinosaur exhibit she was a mass of tears and we had to leave!

This was my favourite! They had an exhibition by the Scott sisters. These amazing women were some of the first Australians  to record the details of our tiny animals and plants. Their work was so detailed and they even at times used paint brushes with a single hair!!

So after some lunch and bustle around Pitt Street we headed home.
Thanks for dropping by ♥

Friday, 30 September 2011

Online with Etsy!!!!

Its been a big week! Jaz and Kiki week to camp for 5 days and so that left Stella and I to entertain each other for the first week of the holidays. Its been fun, visits to friends, lots of drawing together and a lot of discussion about dinosaurs. I thought I would squeeze out a little time to work in my art biz and here are the results...
Lots and lots of photos taken...
Lots of hours spent at the computer... scanning...and organising. It was really fun and felt good to be progressing.Well what is the final result??? I started listing on Etsy - hooray!

Pop over and see it


Monday, 19 September 2011

Bring on Spring!

The weekend zipped by as they often do. Spring is on its way and we are juggling amazing days of sunshine sprinkled with cold days that remind us that winter has only just gone. This time of year in Sydney is so beautiful - I just love the light- the crisp colours especially at the beginning and end of the day. Our family has been restlessly getting that 'Spring feeling'. You know the feeling when the promise of summer is just around the corner and you are feeling so keen to feel off the jumpers and jackets. With this feeling grabbing hold we decided to head off to the beach and enjoy some sun and sand!

We had a laugh as we got out of the car..... brrrr.... a bit chilly! We ended up buying hot chocolates instead of icecreams.

Never mind the crispness in the air - the two youngest still managed to get wet running in and out of the waves. Jasmin prefers the drawing in the sand. She is the family shell finder although no amazing treasures were found that day.

A good start to our first beach outing for the season, hopefully many more to come.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ali's Market

With all the painting it was easy to forget that I needed things to come together on the computer and printer so that I would be ready for Thursday night... I tend to be a 'work to a deadline' type person so I really was going flat out and into the night. When Wednesday rolled around , my dedicated printing day, I was not ready for the hassles and hold-ups! This wouldn't load, that wouldn't resize, this wouldn't print, that couldn't be done - uh-oh- you get the drill! Some persistence, trial and error, a steep learning curve (and maybe a little hubbie help) resulted in the finished product- 35 greeting cards in cello bags ready to go- hooraay!!!This is where I show you the photo I took of them before I dashed out the door, unfortunately I never took that photo but have reprinted and here are my designs a couple of days later.

At Ali's house I set up my table and the ladies started to trickle in....then pour... I had a wonderful night, many were very generous in their praise of my art and at the end of the night I had sold 34 of my 35 cards! I was elated! I really needed that sleep when I fell in to bed but was so thankful I had pushed through my printer dramas!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Busy Times with Greeting Cards

The last few weeks have been very busy days creatively as I was getting together some art works for a market at my friends Ali's. I have been gathering ideas for greeting cards and slowly these had been rolling around until I was ready to make some creations. I have some photos to share of my process as I get put the ideas into motion... I hope you like them
.First sketch of the ideas- I was hoping to create about 8 cards.

Sketching then painting.... These little love birds are my favourites! I matched the vintage sheets for the colours and the look I was trying to create.

Continuing the waterclours. Love this part as the paintings come to life.
Getting closer to the end I sew on the vintage material. Very fine work, lots of care needed here!
The final step shows the completed card after scanning and printing.I have had so much fun with these!!!